Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What I've Been Doing Lately

Recently I haven't been posting a lot. Here are some of the things I've been doing, instead of blogging:

making dinner - some grocery shopping - taking my son to piano lessons and nagging him to practice - looking over the kids' homework - driving myself into the city once a week to go to a class for people who have aphasia - driving once a week to the YMCA to work out - shopping for clothes for the kids and myself - organizing four years of photos - walking to school to pick up the kids four days a week - scheduling various medical, dental, and other appointments - trying to play piano for 20 minutes a day - managing social calendars for myself and the kids - writing emails - doing yoga on the living room floor

Compared to most people--especially if they have a job--my life unfolds at a slow pace. But it's a huge jump from my activity level a year ago, and I'm very pleased about that. I do wish, though, that I didn't feel exhausted all the time.