Sunday, May 23, 2010

Two aphasiacs walked in to a bar...

Today dad and I went to an aphasia support group and picnic. As my therapist said, a group of aphasics can be really loud!

I go to speech therapy  for my aphasia 4x a week with my great teachers at Spaulding. For example, this post took me about an hour (even more) to complete.

Aphasia (pronounced /əˈfeɪʒə/ or pronounced /əˈfeɪziə/) is an acquired language disorder in which there is an impairment of any language modality. This may include difficulty in producing or comprehending spoken or written language. (From Wikipedia.)

Boston University has an Aphasia Resource Center that's been running for 20 years.


  1. You KEEP telling me you have aphasia, but I just don't understand. (that's not bad as aphasia jokes go, is it?)

    When I talk to you (either in person or on the phone), you speak slowly, but I can detect no other indication. Is that it?

    1. Mmm, maybe I need to write more posts about how aphasia affects me, even though I can seem fairly "normal," (4 years post-stroke).

      I tried to talk about one way that I still struggle: