Sunday, June 20, 2010

I will eat my kids

One of the weird problems about aphasia is I'm always saying things that I didn't mean to. For instance:

"I will eat my kids."
"I command you" (Said to Neal. Of course, he could say that I said this even before aphasia.)
"How are your kids?" (Said to Mark, my dear cousin who has no kids.)

And of course, "This is my mom," when I'm introducing my dad. He's used to it.


  1. I have a science background and found that I called things by what were correct terms.. just not very informative to other people.

    For example I kept insisting that the bag of peas were frozen"dicotiledons".

    Linda Cooper

  2. Linda, I love this story! It's funny, and it perfectly illustrates that the lost words of aphasia have nothing to do with raw intelligence.

  3. Hello Grace!
    I was just looking at the news about Dr.Oliver Sacks new book on Aphasia and movie too, and saw you in youtube and came by to visit your blog. I'll be visiting you as much as I can. Great blog. Congratulations for being that extraordinary human being you are. Thanks for sharing your life with us.My father had a stroke when he was 56. Now he is 82. Has aphasia too and problems with his right arm.