Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Theatre of the absurd

Last week I didn't sleep very well. In addition to my usual sleep issues, I couldn't stop thinking about Serena Branson, the TV reporter who had a "neurological event" on the air.

Thankfully, she seems fine. Her doctors say she had a complex migraine, not something more serious.

But last week, as I watched the clip, it looked a lot like a stroke, or maybe a TIA. As her speech descended into gibberish, Neal and I had flashbacks about our own nightmarish event. I was pretty certain that Branson's eyes were telegraphing bewilderment and terror.

So I was even more horrified that I couldn't help myself from laughing about the phrase she uttered, "a very, very heavy burtation."

I didn't really understand the word "absurd" until I had aphasia. 

(The New York Times "Well"  blog and the Serena Branson clip is here)

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  1. I felt the same way you did, seeing her on the news. I feared she was having a stroke as well. I felt her panic and confusion. I recognized them as my own.