Sunday, July 10, 2011

Subject: Aphasia

Neal and I went to the library last week.

It was exciting for me to have enough language skills and energy to make a trip to the library worthwhile. I even remembered to prepare a list of books ahead of time.

The only problem was, I forgot the list. When I got to the library, I couldn't remember the titles in the list. I wracked my brains. I couldn't remember the authors.

But I did know one of the general subjects I wanted to read about: aphasia. So I sat down at a library computer with a catalog. Under the subject heading, I typed "aphasia."

Here was my answer:

Aphaniptera -- See Fleas
        Your entry aphasia would be here
Aphganistan -- See Afghanistan

Over a million Americans are suffering with aphasia. Doesn't aphasia merit even a line?


  1. I'd think that Oliver Sacks would have that tagged in several places. What did you bring home?

  2. That is incredible! I feel like we should start a letter writing comapaign.. but to where?

  3. I should point out that I was looking at just the Arlington library. The Minuteman catalog for the Boston area had more entries--but still not a lot.

    I brought home some exercise books and a biography of Julia Child. But as often happens, I realized we had the perfect book for me at home already: another Harry Potter book.

  4. @Linda--There is a National Aphasia Association (US). However, the website doesn't seem to be updated very often.

    Obviously, a letter-writing campaign has some problems for people with aphasia(!) How to raise awareness is a puzzle.

  5. I agree. Aphasia and apraxia are just not discussed, and most people have never heard of it before. We need to be educated, and family members need information on the best ways to help a loved one with these speech differences