Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Neal has always done his fair share of housework. But I usually did put his clean laundry away, just because it seems like a nice thing to do for your partner.

After the stroke, for many months the only thing I could do by myself was to put my underwear in the bureau, one-handed, while sitting down. Now I've progressed to sorting a whole of basket of my laundry, including hanging up my tops with my both hands (although with several breaks because of my fatigue).

Yesterday I put my own clean clothes away, and then even hung up some of Neal's shirts. Two of them.


  1. Wow... I'm impressed. Just this morning, my husband came to me and asked if he should put away two pairs of my jeans, apologizing for coming across as critical because I had not put them away.

    The last time I did laundry, it was a struggle to do one-handed; it involved dropping my clothes in the stairwell to a basket on the first floor. I dragged the basket to move it, so I'm thinking of getting a laundry cart for each floor; I can't get that upstairs, though.

  2. Hanging up button shirts is so hard! I drape my husband's neatly on a chair back and let him hang them up -- although I have figured out how to hang polos. I have a hard time with all open-fronted items because the side I put on the hangar first slides off before I can get the second side on.

    Fortunately, our house is one-story. I carry the laundry baskets back and forth on my wheelchair. Using both hands to push the chair is good therapy.

  3. Grace-You are making me look bad! I make Grant take his to the dry cleaners! (Although that was the one "pass" I had before we married-I don't iron! Funny how I can't remember what Grant's "pass" was...)

  4. I have never done my husband's wash. He has been doing mine for 3 and a half years now. I wish I had been nicer about the laundry years ago when I had the chance.
    Grace, you are a nice lady.

  5. This is such as easy task for an able-bodied person. It is triple triumph for a stroke survivor: better hand function, better endurance, and the pleasure of contributing to a partnership. I really relate to this post.