Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Last week I had minor surgery. I haven't been hospitalized since Spaulding.

In the two years since, I've been trying to recover the many functions I lost: walking, talking, right arm movement. I've also been learning new things, things that I wouldn't have to learn if I didn't have a stroke: how to fill out medical forms with my left hand;  how to be sure that an infection doesn't blossom in my right side, where I can't feel much; how to explain to the hospital aide why, no, I can't spell my husband's last name out loud.

After surgery, I had some crackers and ginger ale in the recovery room, trying to shake off the groggy feeling. After a while, the anesthesiologist came by again, wanting to know if I was ready to go home.

"Do you think you're back to baseline?" she asked.

Baseline? What baseline?


  1. My baseline is a moving target. It varies from week to week. I hope you are feeling better.

  2. Interesting question....where do you call the new baseline? I have recently been sick and have "regressed" quite a bit. Until now, I have been very lucky and I have primarly only seen gains. I am doing far worse...with everything....as of late. I'm hoping when my "illness" passes....I can at least get back to my post stroke baseline quickly...and begin to move forward again to my goal of "pre-stroke" baseline. I wish you well as you recover.