Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Magical Thinking

When I come downstairs on Saturday morning, my daughter greets me at the bottom of the stairs. She's a confection in pink today. She's dressed up in an outfit her aunt brought back from India, made from a pink, gauzy fabric, embroidered with flowers. She is also wearing her Disney tiara, and holding a sparkly wand.

"Mama, do you want a spell?" she asks.

Apparently, she's a good witch today.

"What kinds of spells do you have?" I ask.

"Well, since you had a stroke and a seizure, maybe something... to help you with that," she says. Her voice trails off. Before I can speak, she's off again to another part of the house, talking to her stuffed animals and her brother, waving her wand and casting more spells.


  1. You know like the stroke eliminator of Peter Levine;

  2. Love it. Kids really are magical. You must be "cured" by least in your heart!

  3. She is on to something! She is a delight, must be YOUR gene pool :)

  4. Nothing wrong with magical thinking! Have her wave her wand in our direction when she gets a chance!!!!

  5. Children aren't the only ones who do magical thinking. Consider the driver who slowly inches the car forward while waiting for the red light to change.