Monday, June 11, 2012

So Long, Brace

I’m done with the brace. For now, at least.

This was my second brace, and my second try of getting off of a brace. So who knows, I might need a third round at some point. 

My gait is still uneven, and I still use a cane. And much to my disappointment (and my daughter's), I'm still wearing the same stupid Velcro sneakers.

For now.


  1. I used to say I awaited the day when you threw away your cane, but now I see that the much more important event will be the putting on of classy sneakers--or maybe even heels! But I think you're pretty classy anyway. love from your ever proud Mum

  2. Congratulations...looking forward to seeing the photo of you in your "cute" shoes when the time comes! :)