Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Coming Soon: "After Words," a Film about Aphasia

If you're reading my blog, you probably know what aphasia is, and how devastating it can be. But so many people have never heard the word. Raising awareness of aphasia--what it is, and how it can radically change a person's life--is important. It will help more people to get the support they need to lead a productive life.

So I'm really happy that After Words, a film about living with aphasia, is airing on many PBS stations, including WGBH in Boston. It will air in Boston on February 3 (Super Bowl Sunday) at 3pm. If  your local PBS station isn't on the schedule that the National Aphasia Association has published here, ask your station to air it.

Please watch it, talk about it with friends, and use the word "aphasia." Talk about how Gabby Giffords has it. Or how common it is: more than 1 million Americans are estimated to have it, and countless family members are affected, too.

In addition to the PBS showings, there are two special screenings in Boston (March 3) and New York (April 10). The screenings include conversations with cast members, the directors, producer, and (in New York only), Oliver Sacks. 

Full disclosure: I'm in it; my kids are in it; many of my friends from the Aphasia Community Group of Boston are in the film; and one of my former speech pathologists, the amazing Jerry Kaplan, is one of the directors. 

Here's a trailer from the film.


  1. AWESOME! I watched the clip twice. I will look for the film on my local PBS station. I loved the survivor who said it is great to win.

  2. Props to the makers and everyone in it. I was not even aware of such condition. Nice job enlightening people!

  3. Great clip! :) I hope that my PBS station is showing the film...

  4. Thanks, Sarah. The National (ahem... international) Aphasia Association is supposed to update the schedule.

  5. Wow, Grace! I'm blown away. I'm going to look for the film and watch it with my dad. Thanks.

  6. It's cued up (queued up?) on our DVR. Thanks for posting about it!