Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sports Fan

I've never been into teams sports, to put it mildly. So my husband has been flabbergasted that I watched at least part of each game of the World Series.

I watched partly because it's harder to have fun with my kids since the stroke--I can't ride a bike, or go skating, for instance--so cuddling with my kids in front of the TV suddenly seems like a great option. Also, I keep reading that learning something new is good for your brain, so learning the rules of baseball at the age of 49 must be great for my cognitive skills, right?  (It's also entertaining for my husband, who still can't believe the depths of my ignorance about the national pastime.)

But the biggest reason why I kept watching because I have been mesmerized by the twisting, turning movements of the players, especially the pitchers. The movements were beautiful. These days I get so focused on the mechanics of walking that I sometimes I forget about all the other movements a body can make, even a non-athlete body. Even I used to be able twist my body to vacuum in a corner, or turn suddenly to chase a child, I keep thinking.

I want to work more on my twisting and turning muscles. Inspiration lurks in funny places.


  1. Do you have access to a warm therapeutic pool so you could do some stretching, bending, and turning exercises?

    1. I would probably have to sign up for aquatic therapy. One of these days...

      I'm also trying expand my stretching routine with more twisting (slow) movements.

  2. Grace Love the image of you and the kids cuddling and talking baseball. Truly some of the things that have made the most difference for me .. emotionally soothing as well as physically have been aquatic therapy and adapted Tai Chi. Even if you get in the water walking or moving your arms without a program( but a safe companion.. ) you would feel some more of that smoothness and would challenge some different muscles in a supported way, The water pressure physically supports your body and if feels good. Now changing rooms are another matter.
    You could try stretching with tai chi dvd.

  3. After my stroke I was mesmerized by watching the beginning of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. I was amazed when Mr. Rogers would come down the stairs singing, look at the camera while taking off his suit coat and dress shoes, and don a sweater and sneakers without ever missing a beat. P.S. Cuddling with your children and amazing your husband sounds good to me.