Friday, July 2, 2010

My sisters

My sisters are very good to me.

My sister Deborah was visiting over the weekend, and cooked me (and the crew) a delicious steak. This last semester she cooked several meals for me, actually, in between jetting to Haiti, Jamaica, etc for research and her home base in NC. And she always remembers to make hollandaise sauce for me.

My sister Cindy has been fantastic, too, in the whole ordeal. Some of the things she has helped me during the last five months: arranging a haircut (several, actually); flossing my teeth in the hospital (I tried to not bite!); hiring great helpers; playing "20 questions" when I couldn't find the words; the list goes on...


  1. Grace, What a great blog! Thanks to your mother for forwarding the url to me. You're not alone with the sequencing issue: I once watched a woman on the bus cleaning her glasses: she huffed on a tissue and wiped one lens, then realized what she'd done and huffed on the other lens and cleaned it with the tissue. You're an inspiration! Write on!!! Jaylyn