Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer reading

I've been reading a good book. It's a slightly trashy read, but very suspenseful. But the only problem is, I can't say it. I mean, I really can't say it.

I can write it: The Da Vinci Code.

The first two words are apparently too close phonetically, because I can say 'the,' or 'Da,'but not 'The Da'. When I try, it sounds like 'The (--a pause--) Vinci Code' (then a expletive when I've failed to say it, again.)

1 comment:

  1. Well, there's a simple solution to this, which in addition to facilitating pronunciation, will prove your erudition about the Renaissance. Say instead "The Leonardo Code." See, "Da Vinci" was not Leonardo's last name; it just refers to the region from which he hailed, as in "Lenny, from Vinci." And no historian worth his or her salt would ever call him "da Vinci." Yeah, I know, call me a snob. Total snob. Michelangelo was, in fact, "Michelangelo da Buonarotti." Try saying THAT. And please forward this to Dan Brown. I haven't read his trashy book. Should I, or will I have trouble getting over the title?

    Great blog, Grace! Love, D.