Monday, October 4, 2010

Methodist Episcopal, part 2

On last Monday, I  had an appointment at the neurologist. She seemed satisfied with my progress, although it's disheartening for me. My strength took a backward step since the seizure.

I had to do the usual neurological tests. In one of the tests, I'm supposed to close my eyes, put my right hand straight out, and then try to put my right hand on my nose.

When I opened my eyes, my right hand was about to crash with my left shoulder.

I hate this test. It's one thing to lose your keys. But it's another thing altogether to lose your hand--even for a few minutes. It's profoundly embarrassing.

At least, I did better on an another test, an apraxia test: I could say "Methodist Episcopal," even if it wasn't flawless. Maybe I'll switch denominations.


  1. You are so funny about loosing keys vs hand and also about changing denominations. I know what you mean.


  2. It's nice to hear from another stroke survivor! Thank you.

  3. You might like 'The man who mistook his wife for a hat' My proprioception is also pretty much gone. It was interesting that your neurologist uses symptoms for diagnosing rather than looking at an MRI. I wish I could even get my hand to my shoulder. Spasticity is my bane.