Friday, October 15, 2010

Sequencing, part 2

Here's a scenario:

You have a runny nose. You locate a tissue. Then you blow your nose.

What do you think happens if you have some sequencing issues?

This time I won't include a photo.


  1. lol. too funny.

    You would not have wanted to try some of my baking, especially in the earlier days before my OT and I took on sequencing ie "organizing when cooking" as a goal.


  2. We'll see if I can cook--just *one* pie--at Thanksgiving (and here's a belated Thanksgiving for you!)

  3. Funny, just a few nights ago we had dinner at our friend Alice's house. Dessert involved ice cream on pie, and I was reminded of your hilarious ice cream+pie+sequencing issue photo. I described it to the small gathering, who responded with appropriate mirth. With no photo this time (only your teasing suggestion that you COULD, should we so wish, provide a photo), a mental image will have to suffice. At the next dinner I attend, I will describe said mental image, just as something green and runny (pea soup, for example) is being served. I'll let you know how the gathering responds.