Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pudding for dessert

We have two great helpers/babysitters. One of them is fairly new to the job.

Usually, I type my shopping list, then one of them does the shopping. Yesterday I typed a list, but was too tired to write some specifics. So I told her what I wanted. I thought.

She came home with three gallons of milk. When she saw my puzzled face, she told me that she thought we usually bought two gallons, but I did say three.

Welcome to Aphasia-Land.


  1. Hey, if saying three when you meant two is aphasia, then a lot of us have aphasia . . .
    But I love the picture of the fridge crammed with milk!

  2. As a pastry professional, I saw the milk in the fridge and thought I'd provide you with some helpful pointers on how to use all that milk before it goes bad. And as the kid who always looked at the pictures first, then read the text, only after planning on giving you my secret pudding recipe did I read the title of the post. You've got it all figured out. That's going to be a TON of pudding. I've heard pudding-baths are kinda fun...

  3. Oh boy.. pudding, milkshakes, the possibilities are endless.

    How is your measuring? I am just getting competent at using mixes and measuring again.

    I love the picture too!