Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ode to a friend

I was shaken by the news that Bob Slate, the Harvard Square stationery store, is closing.

Before the stroke, I would make a pilgrimage to Harvard Square every so often to buy the notebooks that I couldn't buy anywhere else.

Never mind that I've become a proficient one-handed typist (hopefully two-handed, soon). I still thought that I would go back one day to buy a new notebook for my journal, which I've kept since I was a teenager. One day--when my handwriting isn't so painfully slow, when my sentences are not filled with grammatical errors, or when I've decided to be a lefty forever--I thought that I would celebrate by make a trip to Bob Slate, for old time sake.

Goodbye, Bob Slate. Goodbye, handwriting.


  1. I haven't had a notebook for ages: not even at work. nostalgic.

  2. Grace... maybe you do need a notebook.

    Maybe a new improved notebook for a new phase in your life... but a notebook. Your Blog is great, but maybe you want something you can hold in your hands. You can print out your typed notes for now and use some glue, or try a scrap booking style for a while where you add a short note or two... and you get to use stickers (smile).


  3. I'll miss it so much, too, Grace. Thought of you when I saw this post today:

    - Margaret

  4. When I saw the photo from Limeduck, I realized that those little clips would be really good for fine motor exercises. Porter Square, here I come.

  5. I've talked with A LOT of people in mourning that we're closing, and I can't match their emotion face to face, because, as you might imagine, I have to pace myself--but--I'm very sorry for your loss.
    Thanks for the pointer to Limeduck's post, too. It's also spot-on.