Friday, November 4, 2011

Vocabulary Lessons

I've starting to collect stroke-related words and phrases. Here are some my favorites:

Tone (noun): Specialized usage. Shortened version of the phrase "abnormally high muscle tone," or spasticity. The affected muscles are rigid and tight, which makes movement difficult and sometimes painful. Example: "I thought I was being complimented when my PT was talking about my tone.  Now she's saying  that if my tone doesn't get better soon,  I might have to have Botox injections to relax my leg."

Cryptogenic (adjective): Of unknown or mysterious origin. Example: "All the tests came back negative; your case is cryptogenic. Basically we don't know why your brain started to bleed."

Perseverate (verb): To repeat or prolong an action, thought, or word after the stimulus that prompted it has ceased. Example: "The patient has severe aphasia and has been perseverating. She keeps repeating 'why?' even though her family has told her repeatedly that they don't know why she had a stroke."

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  1. I often don't see my progress because it happens so gradually. What caught my eye about this post on vocabulary is that it is next to the favorite post entitled "I eat my children."